NordPass Business and NordLocker Business

Data Processing Agreement


NordPass Business Privacy Notice

Effective from: November 3, 2022

      • Control and administer the End Users’ Vault, including controlling privacy-related settings and/or features.
      • Access and process End Users’ personal data, including the interaction data, diagnostic data, and the contents of End Users’ communications with us.
      • See when End Users accessed the application, and how they used the items within the Vault (e.g., shared with others, auto-filled, deleted, etc.).
      • See other available information, such as the End User’s email, timestamp, item name (available only to owners, as it is specified in the NordPass Business Whitepaper), receivers of items (where applicable), etc.
      • See if End Users have been breached (this info is also available for End Users; see more in Section "Data Breach Scanner").
      • View End Users’ password health stats (without details of items themselves) and see how many old/weak/reused passwords the End User has stored in his Vault.
      • Reassign the End User’s items to another End User, after the End User’s Vault is deleted. All items within that Vault will be inherited by another End User to whom the Vault is reassigned.
      • Delete all items in the End User’s Vault at its own discretion.
        • Application diagnostics. This aggregated and anonymized data helps us identify problems related to our app performance and updates. The collected information includes crash error reports and visited web addresses.
        • Anonymized app usage statistics. We collect statistical information about the users’ activity when using NordPass Business Services: (i) the number of items stored, (ii) the date when the item was created, (iii) how the password was created (e.g., imported, autosaved, created manually), (iv) the strength of passwords in percentage (e.g., 85% of your passwords are very strong), (v) the strength of the Master Password, (vi) the percentage of suggested passwords used, and (vii) the number of different folders in the Vault. This analytical data gives us information on how our application is being used so that we can improve the NordPass Business users’ experience and the app itself.
        • Live chat widget. If you contact us via the live chat widget, in addition to processing your contact information, we will also process your device information (such as the type of the operating system and browser) and IP address. This information is necessary for our support to determine the user’s country, prevent abuse, see if the user is connected to our servers, and help our support to process queries faster.
        • Device information. As in the case of when you visit our Website, we collect some device information on our application too. Such information is logged automatically and may include your IP address, browser type, operating system version, and similar non- identifying information. We may use this information to monitor, develop, and analyze the use of NordPass Business Services.
        • Also, we process your photo if you provide it on a voluntary basis by uploading it to your NordPass Business account. Please note that the photo uploaded to your account will be available to other users of NordPass Business Service with whom you share and/or who share the items with you.